Specifying Made Simple

Once the optimised cellular beam design is complete it is very easy to output the tabulated specification of the FABSEC® solutions. Placing the information on the drawings and in the specification, which are included in tender documentation, is the best way of conveying information to all interested parties.

Here is the most effective method of specification:

Step I
Reference FABSEC® beams on steelwork GA, eg. FAB1, FABSEC01 etc.
(see Fig. 1)

Step 2
Create a steelwork GA where openings can be indicated
(see Fig. 2)

Step 3
Create a table of section sizes from csv output in FBEAM
(see Fig. 3)

FBEAM can design composite and non-composite plain and cellular beams both normal and fire engineered

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

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