Fire Engineered Beams

FIREBEAM® has been tested exhaustively at Warrington Fire Research Centre in a three year program of loaded, coated, composite fire tests.

These tests were devised and analysed by the Steel Construction Institute and the resulting mathematical model incorporated into the fire module of FBEAM®.

The intumescent coating is a unique and innovative product that has excellent 'stickability' and performance in the fire condition to provide fire resistance for up to 2 hours. The application of the coating is undertaken in selected factory locations. This takes a wet trade off-site and ensures a high level of quality control.

The fire-engineering module within FBEAM® is a state-of-the-art technology solution, fusing the latest optimisation and coating technology to provide the UK's only integrated solution for optimised fire-engineered beam designs. Data on the latest range of coating technology is held within the software. This allows efficient fire-engineering with much reduced coating thicknesses, even at 2 hours fire resistance. The user is then able to design a whole building of fire-engineered long span cellular beams instantly, without the need to wade through lengthy and complex fire protection guidance.

FIREBEAMS® are designed using the optimum combination of steel section and intumescent coating to give the most economical solutions for 30-120 minutes fire resistance.

Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again, without degradation  of its properties  or performance




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