Steel & Sustainability

Long span steel construction has inherent benefits that support sustainability and offers attributes that can help streamline the construction phase and provide lasting value in the finished structure.

Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again, without degradation of its properties or performance. It also possesses a high strength-to-weight, which is exploited in resource efficient structures and buildings. Long span steel solutions create open, column-free space that is flexible to changes in building use.

Long span construction is fast and high quality. This reduces the risk of weather related delays and there is less 'snagging' time and cost.  These factors lead to greater predictability in the construction programme.

So, FABSECĀ® beams are manufactured and fire protected off-site under factory-controlled conditions that ensure high quality. Factory working is safer, faster and more efficient than site working.

Steel designers can design both FabsecĀ® beams at ambient temperature condition and FirebeamsĀ® in  the fire condition

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