Heron Tower, London

Market Sector: Commercial Offices
Client: Heron International
Location: London
Country: England

Project Partners: Main Contractor: Skanska
Architect: KPF
Engineer: Arup

Project Key Stats: Total Tonnage: 12,100 tonnes

Site Programme:
Completion Date: April 2010

Project Overview:
Positioned at the heart of London, Heron Tower, also known as 110 Bishopsgate, is the first 6* office building in The City.

The project consists of 47 storeys above ground level and 3 storeys below, providing a floor area of 63,000sqm. The building is topped by a 44m mast, making it the UK's tallest building.

Severfield-Reeve Structures was awarded the contract and was responsible for the connection design, fabrication and erection of the 12,000 tonnes of structural steelwork required for this structure.

The 12,000 tonnes included 700 tonnes of Fabsec bespoke plated beams, of which more than 50% were coated with intumescent paint, providing fire protection of between 60 and 120 minutes.

Severfield-Reeve Structures was responsible for the supply and fix of the metal decking, edge protection and stairs for the project.

Steel designers can design both FabsecĀ® beams at ambient temperature condition and FirebeamsĀ® in  the fire condition



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