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Cellular Beam Optimisation

Optimisation is proving a popular development in the area of time/cost saving techniques and FABSEC® is recognised as leading this field with the launch of our patented BEAM WIZARD® (the optimisation tool within FBEAM®). Other software developers are now following suit with their own automated functions.

An optimiser enables a total change in the techniques used to design a beam. Originally the user had to enter an initial design for a beam and then analyse it to see how far over or under designed it was. The process involved the assessment of a couple of dozen unity factors which were all affected by changes to the beam design in different ways. The user then had to iterate by changing the beam parameters and re-analysing until a satisfactory design was achieved.

Optimisation revolutionises the design process. The user begins with a design that has the required web openings and floor type and starts the optimiser. This process works whether the initial beam is over or underutilised and automatically changes the beam parameters until the optimum design is obtained. At the end of the process the user can see the change to the design and consequential, significant saving in both beam mass and cost.

This ability to compare many variables at the push of a button also allows the engineer to account for constraints or requirements of others in the design process. An architect might request a maximum depth of beam or particular service openings may be stipulated. In any event the software enables comparison of the alternatives to highlight the impact of changes upon project costs.

FABSEC beams can be used for primary and secondary floor beams and rafters


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