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FBEAM Software

FABSECs in-house software development department focuses on making FBEAM® as user friendly as possible for the steel designer, while offering market-leading optimised designs for cellular beams with unrivalled cell geometry and location. The result is a free tool that provides the most efficient design solution in seconds.

FBEAM® is easy to use and constantly under development to introduce new technology giving major time and cost savings for designers and developers of steel-framed buildings. FBEAM® can design composite and noncomposite plain and cellular beams both normal and fire-engineered. They can be symmetrical or asymmetric with a wide combination of web and flange sizes. Cellular beams with web openings can be configured in almost any arrangement and are simple to design. FBEAM® can handle complex loading arrangements and a variety of different floor types.

FBEAM® embodies the latest in structural engineering know-how and is always up to date with new guidance and standards. The software is developed under strict quality control by Microsoft certified developers. Each new version of software is accredited by an external independent body.

Using its unique Beam Wizard® technology, designers can optimise anything from a single beam to a whole floor or building with the click of a button. Designs that took days can now be completed in minutes usually saving significant mass and cost.

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