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FBEAM® is a fully featured composite beam design program that enables you to design composite and non-composite plain and cellular beams to multiple design codes.
Design software that has an array of exciting and innovative features that substantially improve beam design efficiency. The first noticeable feature is the new interface – it’s friendlier, familiar and much easier to use and navigate.
Increased efficiency in design data entry. Common beam properties such as floor construction, loads, floor arrangements etc. are only created once. These properties can then be linked to multiple beams. Any changes made to a property changes all the beams that are referencing it, and the design output updates instantly.
The software constantly analyses the whole project when a change is made so the status can instantly be assessed. Colour coded status for the beams lets the user instantly know if a beam passes, fails or has issues not allowing a design.
3D beam viewer showing cross section, elevation, floor plan and user controlled view allowing the beam to be rotated and viewed from any angle.
SCI accredited BS5950 and Eurocode engineering module developed from the ground up that now incorporates the following new features:·

  • Multiple load combination design.
  • Varying floor deck angles can be specified on either side.
  • Distances to adjacent beams can vary at the left and right hand supports.
  • Cantilever and fixed end beam designs now possible.
  • Support for negative or upward loads can now be entered.
  • Shear stud spacings can now be varied along the beam.
  • End posts can now be checked automatically.
  • Comprehensive user defined analysis settings options.

Includes the enhanced Beam Wizard™ – a fast and highly efficient ‘one-pass’ optimiser for beam designs in the fire and normal conditions that removes the need for iteration and determines the optimum solution in seconds.
The cell generation and editing facility now makes an often complex and time-consuming task as simple as possible. The editor is versatile, flexible and sophisticated, but remarkably easy to use and allows the user to change the shape, position or spacing in a few simple mouse clicks. An all new regular cell generator allows a beam to be filled with regular cells that follow certain design rules allowing the cells sizes and positioning to dynamically change depending on the section they are applied to.

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Let us tell you more about the software products created by Fabsec
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Let us tell you more about the software products created by Fabsec
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